Why Work For Us

Medical device manufacturing requires precision, discipline and attention to detail. Our team gets it and is laser focused. We also make sure to celebrate the little victories along the way!


“In HR, we are used to having to beg and fight and borrow and steal, constantly trying to put the employees' needs first. At Resonetics, we don’t have to do that."

"The benefits are constantly changing throughout the company, regardless of the country you are in, we are constantly challenging ourselves to figure out what we can do to enhance every year. What are our employees requesting? We gather feedback from our employees to make sure we're offering them what’s important to them.

Our view has always been and always will be: We are not employing just you. We are employing your family, we are employing the unit, and it’s our obligation to make sure we are taking care of all of you.

We are having fun learning, building new technology and innovating, every day.”

- Jessica Carreiro, VP, Human Resources

Service Driven

Providing unrivaled customer service


On innovation & creative solutions


In our community through volunteerism & charity work

Our People

Are our top asset

High Priority

On collaboration between team members and with our customers

We Celebrate

Our wins together as a team


Is expressed towards each other