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How to Accelerate the Biosensor Revolution

Lauren Goodman Recent News

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Biosensor technology is fueling an explosion in the amount of health-related data that is directly collected from the human body.

These tiny, intricate devices can sit on top of the skin or deep within tissue or vasculature. The industry demands millions of sensors each year. As thebiosensor industry has evolved, laser micro manufacturing has emerged as a technology that enablesbiosensors to be made cost-effectively with consistency and high quality.

The first “biosensor” was applied to the skin of diabetes patients where it continuously or intermittently measured their blood glucose levels, helping them avoid multiple finger-pricks to test their blood. The long-term goal was for it to work in conjunction with insulin pumps to create the so-called “artificial pancreas,” which would close the control loop and make it easier for diabetic patients to achieve good blood sugar numbers.

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