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Resonetics announced today that it has begun improvements on a newly acquired 37,000 square foot facility in San Diego. The building is undergoing a complete renovation to meet Resonetics’ requirements. The site will be configured with a focus on nitinol processing and advanced manufacturing technologies to support growing demand for minimally invasive components and implants used in neurovascular, structural heart … Read More

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Resonetics Offers Fresh Perspective to Nitinol Manufacturing

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Shape memory and super elastic alloys, such as nitinol, can help elevate your next medical device. The unique properties of nitinol enable the material to restore its original shape when deployed and traverse difficult anatomies without mechanical deformation (super elasticity). These attributes make nitinol a good choice for minimally invasive medical device components including stents, catheters, and guidewires.   Read … Read More

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Resonetics Announces Acquisition Of STI Laser Industries

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Resonetics announced today that it has acquired STI Laser Industries, Ltd. (“STI”), based in Or Akiva, Israel, a leading supplier of laser processing, nitinol shape setting and electropolishing, and cleanroom assembly and packaging for the medical device industry. In addition to servicing the prolific startup community in Israel, STI has developed a ..   Full Release

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Resonetics Adds Applications Development Lab and Nitinol Processing to San Diego Facility

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Today Resonetics announced plans to add a Lightspeed ADL™ application development lab to its manufacturing site in San Diego, California. The site will offer a range of micro manufacturing tools to service medical device and diagnostics customers and will feature various laser wavelengths optimized for polymers, glass and metals. In addition, the San Diego facility will add Nitinol processing capabilities … Read More