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Micro Innovation: 3D Laser Ablating

Lauren Goodman Ablating, Recent News

metal Dime

3Micro componentD Laser Ablation is a recent advancement from the Resonetics’ Advanced Technology Group (ATG).  This process employs a state-of-the-art laser ablation system, developed by Resonetics, to create micro-scale metal parts.  3D Ablation starts with metal hypotube or wire and directly ablates (machines) parts into complex geometries, as shown in the part pictured.

This demonstration part starts as a nitinol hypotube with a 0.343mm outer diameter and 0.137mm inner diameter and is machined into this final shape in one step, no secondary operations are required.  The process includes in-line geometrical measurement which enables tolerances down to +/- 5 microns and 100% geometrical inspection of critical dimensions.  3D Ablation was developed based on an unmet customer need in the neurovascular market, which required metal parts ten times smaller than Swiss CNC machining can produce.

Example applications include complex marker bands, delivery system detachment components, and micro-scale implants for neurovascular, electrophysiology, and ophthalmic markets.


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