Automated Solutions

For more than 30 years, Resonetics has designed, manufactured and serviced laser micromachining workstations to solve complex challenges in life sciences products.


As a leading contract manufacturer for the MedTech industry, we design and build customized systems to achieve customer objectives on our own manufacturing floor or yours.

If you require your own in-house capability, Resonetics is well equipped to meet this need and works collaboratively with you to determine the best approach. We provide a true turnkey solution that’s ready for your process validation once installed on your factory floor.

With experience building hundreds of laser and precision grinding systems we are prepared to deliver a customized solution scaled for your production.

Our experienced team of mechanical, electrical, software and optical engineers have been working together for years along with a 24/7 in-house service department. Resonetics brings unmatched experience, scale and versatility, with more than 1000 systems installed all over the world. Resonetics integrates a wide variety of laser technologies into these systems and chooses the optimal wavelength to meet quality, throughput and cost objectives. With an extensive history processing a diverse range of polymers and metals, chances are we have relevant experience to address your specific needs. As a manufacturer ourselves, we understand the importance of uptime and all of our systems are designed and built with the highest quality to ensure consistency, reliability and ease of service.

custom laser system