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LASER Drilling

Laser drilling is a non-contact manufacturing process that can be used to produce micro-holes. Drilling micro-sized holes for life science applications has long been a competency for Resonetics. Early on we partnered with customers to develop leading edge applications. The need for micro-sized holes continues to this day. Holes can now be made to 1 micron in diameter. Resonetics uses many different types of lasers that are matched to achieve optimal results for each application. These systems include excimer, CO2, DPSS, picosecond and femtosecond lasers. Our technical team will work with each life science customer to determine what system will deliver the best, most cost effective outcome.


For the life science industry, laser drilling can be applied in different ways.

Drilling is best applied to the following applications:

  • Feature creation with requirements that are smaller than what mechanical machining or molding can achieve
  • Materials that need to be machined in a non-contact environment
  • Materials that are ‘flimsy’ or soft
  • Fine features which require depth control
  • Requirements needing controlled and selective layer removal
  • Requirements that minimize melting and HAZ
  • Fast prototyping and low-cost production

Drilling can be applied to the following specifications:

  • To creates holes as small as to 1-5 um
  • To process many materials — polymers, dielectrics, metals, ceramics, glasses
  • Material types include flat sheet, wires, tubes, and catheters
  • Flat sheet size can be up to 12”x12” with a thickness of 0.004” – 0.040”
  • Wires, tubes, and catheters can be as small as 0.002” diameter with 0.040” – 80” length, and multi-lumen

Laser drilling holes can be applied to different material substrates including:

  • 3-D geometries such as balloons and irrigation tips
  • Flat sheets
  • Polymer and metal hypotubes
  • 0.003” hole array in polyimide


Life Science Applications

Other Information

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Prototype/Pilot Runs

The Lightspeed ADL is a dedicated space and set of resources at Resonetics that is focused exclusively on accelerating the launch of your newest life science technology.

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Resonetics has a long history of producing tight tolerance, laser micro manufactured components in high volumes. We have a robust quality system and production readiness program to support high volume production.

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We build systems for our own use. There are times you need your own, in-house laser processing capability. Resonetics is well-equipped to meet this need through custom system design/fabrication.

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