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Medelec Swiss Precision Tubing has been produced for more than 65 years by three generations of the Butty family. Cold-drawn tubing with tight tolerances and thin walls is our specialty.


Medelec Swiss Precision Tubing is the gold standard of tubing for the medical device industry. The cold-drawn process has been refined over the past 65 years. The quality of the material surface finish and consistency of tight-tolerance wall thicknesses are second to none. All the Tubing—stainless steel, precious metal and nickel alloys—are produced in the Resonetics Switzerland facility. The tubing is available in custom sizes and with additional processing steps or as raw material through the online store or through quotation.


Our marker bands are manufactured at the Resonetics Switzerland location from precious metal tubing made in the same facility. Marker band materials include platinum, platinum iridium and gold. These are cut into length according to clients’ specification. We use a proprietary process that guarantees high precision and a burr-free finish. Marker bands are available per custom design or through our online stock catalog.

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