Manufacturing Capabilities

Turning your Medical Micro Manufacturing Ideas into Solutions


The reality of your next medical device is life changing!

Sometimes the path between having an idea and getting it to commercial launch can be stifling. Not anymore. Resonetics is an industry pioneer that solves the most difficult medical micro manufacturing challenges – so you don’t have to.

We help you improve and save lives by delivering innovative solutions to market, quickly and efficiently, so you can spend more time developing new ground-breaking medical products and less time figuring out how.

Our capabilities in the medical micro manufacturing industry deliver some of the most innovative – and necessary – components and sub-assemblies to get your device to market – faster.

With MEDELEC™ Swiss Precision Tubing, Resonetics can supply raw, thin wall tubing to finished medical components and subassemblies.

Our tight tolerance, thin wall stainless steel and precious metal hypotubing has become the gold standard of tubing for the medical device industry. This material can be customized for demanding applications across the medical device market, including cardiovascular and neurovascular procedures.

Precision resources for your project’s needs.

Resonetics has been an industry pioneer in laser processing, solving the most challenging micro manufacturing applications for decades. Using a wide variety of laser wavelengths and pulse durations, Resonetics has perfected unique processing techniques like MICRABLATE™ 3D Laser Machining and ASSURE Endpoint™ Detection.

Nitinol has opened a world of possibilities, but design engineers have been challenged to get quick turnaround in the development process. Resonetics has solved this challenge through our nitinol Lightspeed Lab. Technical advancements like our ultrafast laser cutting requires less downstream processing and achieves near-net shape right off the laser.

Mirrored Lightspeed Labs and manufacturing capabilities in San Diego and Israel broaden our nitinol competencies which accelerates your project with our dedicated resources and scientific perspectives on manufacturing.

Your component, implant or assembly may require innovative non-laser microfabrication technologies. Resonetics’ multiple metal fabrication technologies such as precision centerless grinding and photochemical etching combined with technical knowledge help you meet the unique and functional requirements your medical device projects require.