Resonetics is the Leader in Micro Manufacturing and our resources, expertise and vast capabilities enable us to produce diverse assemblies from start to finish.

Resonetics delivers high-volume output and cost-effective scale, all within the Resonetics network. Through targeted acquisitions, Resonetics is purposefully building a micro manufacturing company to better serve the medical device industry on every level.

Your devices call for superior quality and precision timing. Resonetics perfects each solution your medical device requires, achieving full assembly all in one location. With each project you are getting the most cost-effective and seamlessly manufactured device, in a controlled environment, to deliver your device to those that need it most – quickly and on budget.

Each new technology Resonetics acquires brings a valuable core competency. Our vast breadth of technology allows for more complete assemblies while gaining access to leading edge processing techniques across all of our capabilities.

Our complementary core processes enable us to help customers select the right technology to meet product cost and performance goals as well as simplify the supply chains.

Resonetics’ Costa Rica operation is a deliberate component of Resonetics’ global manufacturing network with strong engineering resources, efficient productivity and superior infrastructure for advanced manufacturing.