Manufacturing Capabilities // LASER PROCESSING


When customers bring complex projects to Resonetics that include three dimensional metal with micro scale parts, complex geometry, challenging small features and materials not compatible with most other machining – we say yes.


Resonetics is commanding the field by investing in leading edge systems using all laser types and wavelengths and by developing unique processing techniques like MICRABLATE™ 3D Laser Machining and ASSURE Endpoint™ Detection.

Resonetics has perfected processes every step of the way including specialized 3D methods that minimize heat input or thermal damage, single-setup fabrication that minimizes handling and cost and in-process inspection for critical features. All these processes offer the utmost flexibility to accurately deliver unique micro scale fabrication techniques for break-through applications.

Together we have resolved some of your most challenging concepts.



  • 3D micro components
  • Radiopaque marker bands
  • Single lumen catheters
  • Multilumen catheters
  • Tip shaping of catheters
  • Wire coating stripping
  • Electrode coating removal
  • Balloon surface texturing


  • Neurovascular
  • Ophthalmic
  • Diabetes
  • Electrophysiology
  • Neuromodulation


  • Removal of a coating to expose a sensor, detachment device, or electrical connection point
  • Material removal to shape a wire or tube into a complex micro component
  • Tip shaping to soften the edge of a delivery catheter insertion point


  • Feature Sizes 0.005 mm | 1 mm
  • Material Thickness 0.025 mm | 1 mm
  • Material Diameter 0.025 mm | 1 mm
  • Material Length 0.5 mm | 3 m