Manufacturing Capabilities // METAL FABRICATION

Centerless Grinding

Decades of grinding experience and the ability to design and refine our own equipment results in an innovative approach to a traditional manufacturing process.


Through Resonetics’ grinding and fabrication processes, we can produce nearly limitless features and profiles for mandrels and medical device assemblies across vascular intervention and minimally invasive surgery markets.

Resonetics’ machine design, automation expertise and 100+ grinding systems can produce more than 6 million ground components annually.

We support your operations by providing you with specialized mandrels and tools to increase your manufacturing productivity and throughput.



  • Tapers: single & multiple
  • Steps: single & multiple
  • Blivets (or weld features)
  • Types: profile, centerless and plunge grinding


  • Corewires
    • Neurovascular
    • Endovascular
    • Interventional Cardiology
    • Peripheral Vascular
    • Cardiac Surgery
    • CRM (rhythm management)
  • Device tip wires
    • Ground
    • Atraumatic tipped
  • Catheter wires
    • Articulating
    • Stiffening
  • Snare or retrieval wire stylets


  • Reflow mandrels
    • Single or multiple diameters
    • Features and profiles
  • Forming mandrels
    • Single or multiple curves
    • Complex profiles
  • Packaging mandrels
    • Straight, formed, eyelet or looped
    • Surface effects and treatments
  • Manufacturing & Assembly mandrels
    • Bonding (discrete sections, distal tip, balloons)
    • Stent loading
  • Crescent, grooved, articulating over and insert molding core pins