High precision metal tubes with Swiss expertise and quality focus for critical medical device applications.

medelec swiss precision tubingvarious medelec tubes

Medelec Swiss Precision Tubing has been produced for 65+ years by three generations of the Butty family. Cold-drawn tubing with tight tolerances and thin walls is our specialty.

Tubing can be purchased in 10′ lengths or with additional manufacturing services.

Additional manufacturing services include:

  • Cut to length, tolerance up to +/- 0,02 mm (+/- 0,0008)
  • Coiling
  • Surface roughness optimization
  • Laser Cutting
  • Post Processing – passivation, cleaning, bead blasting
  • Laser Welding
  • EDM Machining

Swiss Precision Tubing in many

Medelec™ Swiss Precision Tubing is available in a wide range of materials, including precious and semi-precious metals.

Click below for a list of the materials that are available.


Available Materials

Stainless steelsNickelPrecious and semi-precious metals
DIN 1.4301 - AISI 304Inconel 600Silver
DIN 1.4303 - AISI 305Inconel 601Gold 24 carats
DIN 1.4306 - AISI 304LMonel 400Gold 18 carats
DIN 1.4404 - AISI 316LPure Platinum 99.95%
DIN 1.4435 - AISI 316LPlatinum + Iridium Pt/Ir 90/10
DIN 1.4441 - 316 LVMPlatinum + Iridium Pt/Ir 80/20
DIN 1.4539 - AISI 904LTantalum
DIN 1.4541 - AISI 321Titanium grade 2
DIN 1.4568 - AISI 631
DIN 1.4571 - AISI 316TI
Phynox® - (Elgiloy®)

Metal tubing sizes range from 0.004” – 0.4” outside diameter with wall thicknesses between 0.0006” – 0.04”.

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various marker bands


Our marker bands, manufactured in platinum, platinum+iridium, gold or tantalum are cut into lengths, down to 0.25 mm according to clients’ demands via an original process which guarantees high precision and a burr-free finish.

silver endo tubes

Endoscopy Tubing

Endoscope tubing is produced in 304L and 316L stainless steel, in Phynox© or in Elgiloy©. Phynox© and Elgiloy© are structurally hardened materials which allows for improved resistance when under stress. Wall thicknesses from 0.0012” and surface roughness with a Ra > 0.1 microns and cut according to client needs.

various diao tubes


Diagnostic probes are manufactured in 316L stainless steel to improve protection against corrosion. In applications where probes are subject to stress, Phynox or Elgiloy may be used. Our precision probes enable the highest quality results.

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