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New Patent for Machining Three-Dimensional Objects Improves Throughput and Lowers Manufacturing Costs

October 15, 2015 || RESONETICS || RECENT NEWS

NASHUA, N.H., October 15, 2015 – Micromachining of medical device and diagnostic products often requires fabrication of multiple features on multiple surfaces of a single component. In order to present the work piece to the ablating laser beam, the part must be rotated and translated several times with high precision. Even for small parts this typically results in a cumbersome tooling design and a complicated motion system, adding to the mass needed to be moved. Such high-inertia systems cannot move very fast and this results in throughput loss and higher manufacturing costs.

The U.S. Patent Office recently granted Resonetics a new patent (US 9,132,585) “Laser Machining System and Method for Machining Three-Dimensional Objects from a Plurality of Directions.” The patent addresses the challenge of switching quickly from one location on the work piece to another by moving the laser beam instead of rotating the work piece. This beam movement can be enhanced by using small galvo-driven mirrors in the path of the beam. This method replaces the costly scan lens with an inexpensive set of simple lenses. The tooling for this new method need only hold the part steady in one position, making it simpler, lighter and more economical.

“The technical team at Resonetics has developed a novel solution to address unmet customer needs for quality, speed and cost-effectiveness,” stated Tom Burns, CEO.  “This is just the latest example of listening to our customers and finding innovative ways to solve their manufacturing problems.”

About Resonetics
Resonetics provides laser micromachining contract manufacturing services for medical device and diagnostic companies. The company offers the world’s largest capacity for laser micromachining polymers at ultra-violet wavelengths, and its expertise with polymer features as small as 1 micron is unmatched. The company also designs, builds and services purpose-built laser workstations to meet specific customer needs. With more than 28 years of experience building systems and a dedicated development lab staffed with PhDs, optical scientists and manufacturing process experts, the company delivers solutions for the most demanding polymer micromachining challenges.

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