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Resonetics Receives Patent for Laser Micromachining of Conical Surfaces

September 15, 2010 || RESONETICS || RECENT NEWS

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has allowed one of Resonetics’ patent applications directed to laser micro-machining of a conical surface.

This is an important patent as it not only enables the laser micro drilling of holes (as small as 1 micron in diameter) or trimming of medical balloons or other 3-D geometries with high precision but the method is also highly efficient for volume manufacturing. This method is critical to meet the cost and yield demands of emerging device technologies such as drug eluting balloons, embolic protection, PTCA/PTA and kyphoplasty.

Resonetics has developed 9 axes laser micromachining technology to permit the laser micromachining of complex, non-planar 3-D polymer-based devices. One of the most difficult technical challenges lies in non-planar geometry where the device is conical or hemispherical in shape, meaning the surface curvature is continuously changing in the axial direction. Moreover the surface curvature or cone angle is not constant so simple fixturing techniques are not applicable.

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