ASSURE Endpoint™ Detection

Laser wire stripping picks up where mechanical processes leave off, then Resonetics advances it one step further, with ASSURE Endpoint™ Detection.


Coated material can be challenging to ablate consistently because of the varying thicknesses of the coating as applied.

Resonetics solved this challenge with the development of ASSURE Endpoint™ Detection. This detection is used in process and allows the laser to adjust on the fly based on coating material variance, resulting in a more consistent finished component.


With Resonetics’ ASSURE Endpoint™ Detection process, we can achieve more consistent material removal resulting in more reliable medical device components. Each pulse is instrumental when specific depth and shape is required, especially if the underlying material must not be touched. The smaller amount of material removed with each pulse means tight depth control and smoother surfaces.

HOW Assure EndPoint™ Detection WORKS

A challenge with wire stripping is that often the coating is not consistently applied (shown in the real 2-layer coating image). This results in an inconsistently finished component (shown in the open-loop stripping image). With ASSURE Endpoint™ Detection, we achieve more consistent material removal, resulting in a repeatable process and reliable finished components (shown in the ASSURE Endpoint™ Detection Stripping image).

ideal 2-layer coating
Ideal 2-Layer Coating
Real 2-Layer Coating
Real 2-Layer Coating
Open-loop Stripping
Open-loop Stripping
Open-loop Stripping
Open-loop Stripping
Assure End-Point  Detection™ Stripping
ASSURE Endpoint™
Detection Stripping