Resonetics continuously invests in novel technologies to further our expertise, such as in our Electromechanical Sensors for MedTech. We manufacture custom sensors for critical applications in the life sciences.

We can deliver leading edge sensors to the medical device industry. We collaborate with you to design and develop innovative sensors for your application.

Our sensors have a small footprint making them ideal for minimally invasive surgeries. The sensors require lower power consumption than other solutions and can be combined with contactless data transmission for improved reliability. Additionally, the sensors have minimal electromagnetic emissions and low susceptibility to radio frequency fields, making them a safer and less disruptive solution.

Our enhanced capabilities and innovative thinking combined with our advanced sensor assemblies can elevate your product into a superior device.


  • Small footprint
  • Low power consumption
  • Great field strength / force
  • Ability to fabricate 2-layer coils
  • Enabled by high aspect ratio copper process
  • Low electromagnetic emissions
  • Low susceptibility to RF fields


  • Tailored for specific design requirements
  • Ability to fabricate “in-package” in higher level components
  • Strain gauges:
    • Integrated with circuits to provide small form factor
  • Near Field Communication Wireless Connectors:
    • Inductive coupling coils for contactless secure data transmission
    • Transmit and receive coils can be designed to commercially available EEPROM chip dimensions
    • High density inductive coils


  • Strain Gauges
  • Resistance Temperature Detectors
  • Near Field Connection (NFC) Wireless Connectors

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