Lightspeed Application Development Lab

With Lightspeed Application Development Labs in eight strategic locations, our dedicated engineers and technicians can fulfill projects across more than 50 laser workstations and 30 metal fabrication machines.


With advanced quality and compliance expertise in prototyping, process development and pilot production, we’ll take your product launch from daunting to effortless.

Your development and prototyping will have a hands-on engineer and account manager to keep you fully aware of each step, and to handle any potential challenges before they arise, from development, to manufacturing and of course, quality.

At Resonetics, a dedicated team monitors your project every step of the way, preparing your device for high-volume manufacturing upon launch, quickly turning your investment into a valuable product.

Our Production Readiness Process (PReP) starts when your project does. Our goal is to quickly and readily move your device through prototyping to inspection and ultimately to market launch with high volume production.



  • 8 Lightspeed Lab Locations: Boston, Dayton, Costa Rica, Israel, Minneapolis, San Diego, Detroit and Switzerland
  • 75 Engineers and Technicians
  • 30 Metal Fabrication Systems
  • 50 Laser Workstations (Nano, Femto, Picosecond), Excimer, Diode-pumped Solid-state (DPSS), CO2 Lasers and Nd:YAG Lasers
  • Top customer service team in the industry resulting in 1-2 day average quote turnaround


Keeping every stage of your project in your designated team’s hands.

  • Nitinol resources: ultrafast laser cutting, shape setting, electropolishing, polymeric stent and frame coverings
  • Laser resources: ablating, cutting, drilling and welding
  • Metal fabrication: centerless grinding, photochemical machining, sputtering deposition, plating and polymer coating, stamping, coiling, micro-forming and CNC machining
  • Total-geometry capability: including hypotubes, balloons, flat sheet, long catheters and reel-to-reel wire
  • Small-lot raw material: stainless steel, precious metals and nickel alloys
  • Advanced metrology: ensuring quality and compliance
  • Three shift operation-ready: meeting clinical and pre-production requirements