PRIME Laser Cut™ Tubing

PRIME Laser Cut™ is the fastest hypotube cutting process on the planet.

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Equipped with the latest in technology advancements, our machines are capable of the most precise and fastest cutting speeds in the medtech industry.

Our streamlined manufacturing facility is built to expedite the laser cutting process. All procedures are in constant visual communication, nothing is hidden. The unprecedented cutting speeds allow for the minimization of wasted movement and time which equates to higher quality with lower manufacturing costs.


PRIME Laser Cut is a disruptive process that is creating new design options for advanced delivery systems requiring a better backbone. Interventional devices such as flexible catheter shafts and delivery system components demand flexibility to navigate through the vascular system. Laser cutting enables the precise engineering of catheter hypotubes to match a device’s specific path through the body. Our PRIME team works with development engineers to define the needs of your catheter product. The team considers critical functions such as torque transference, radius of curvature, variable pitch and tensile strength.

Based on 45 years of laser cutting and machine building experience, the PRIME team provides custom cut pattern designs to meet our customer’s medical device functionality needs. When recommending a cut pattern, our team takes time to identify the most consistent design and manufacturing methods, ensuring that you, the customer, receive the most accurate prototypes as quickly as possible. For example, a customer looking to advance a catheter delivery system can combine our spiral or interrupted spiral cut process with our stainless steel tubing for a smart alternative to conventional, complex braided catheter systems.


Interrupted Spiral Cut

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Spiral Cut

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Puzzle Cut

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