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About Us

We are a global leader in advanced engineering, prototyping, product development, and micro manufacturing. We collaborate with our customers to enable them to quickly develop breakthrough medical products to expand the possibilities of medical technology and improve patient care worldwide. We are flexible to the needs of our customer and can support projects at any level, from initial concept to design, prototyping, and high-volume manufacturing.

“We are a specialist in micro manufacturing, and we focus our technology on components and assemblies for medical device and diagnostics manufacturers. We’re built to solve complex problems  that will enable our MedTech customers to bring innovative new products to the life sciences market and improve health care around the world. Our people embrace urgency and teamwork in a progressive, fast-paced environment with a shared purpose and a clear mission. This allows us to be very agile, enabling your device to be manufactured efficiently and quickly, to get products to market.”

-Kevin Hartke, CTO

“Anyone can go out and spend money on new equipment and a shiny, new facility, but that will not make them a great supplier. It always comes down to people. We take great care in trying to hire the right people, retain the right people, develop them and make this a place people enjoy coming to work every day. We believe that people who are happy and challenged in their work will be great employees and will love what they are doing.”

-Tom Burns, Executive Chairman of the Board

Our Values







Our Mission

Resonetics will be the leader in advanced engineering and manufacturing solutions serving the life sciences through innovation and unrivaled customer experience.