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Nitinol Material

Both medical and industrial applications demand the exceptional properties of nitinol alloys and intricate, precision manufacturing techniques. We honed our competency in nitinol metallurgy, positioning Resonetics as the ideal partner for developing mill products, semi-finished raw materials, and finished devices and components. We push the boundaries of nitinol technology, offering innovative solutions that empower our partners to achieve new heights of performance and precision.

Mill Products

Specializing in the commercial volume production of nitinol alloys and boutique melting of novel shape-memory and superelastic alloys, our expertise extends to binary, ternary, quaternary, and even more complex compositions, incorporating elements like Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, and Pt. These alloys are meticulously customized to exhibit precise thermo-mechanical responses, aligning with the unique requirements of diverse applications.

Nitinol Wire and Strip

Our nitinol wire and strip support the most complex component designs requiring intricate geometric shapes. Through precise adjustments in the wire’s chemical composition and thermos-mechanical processing, Resonetics has achieved remarkable flexibility and kink resistance, making it indispensable for a wide range of medical device applications.

Nitinol Tubes

We manufacture nitinol tubes of various sizes and finishes, ranging from hypotubes as small as a human hair to precision tubes as large as 12mm in diameter for stents, heart valves, and other implantable applications. We draw these tubes from our in-house melted nitinol bars, ensuring precise control throughout the manufacturing process. Our advanced technology guarantees tight tolerances and high-quality nitinol tubes.

Nitinol Sheets

Nitinol in sheet form offers a flat substrate that facilitates the volume production of intricate 2-dimensional design components. This product format empowers designers to leverage high volume batch manufacturing processes such as stamping, photolithography, EDM, and waterjet to create expansive and unique structures that may be otherwise unattainable when using round nitinol wire or tubing.

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