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Sensor Technology & Medical Power

Advanced medtech devices require specialized products and technologies to meet their power and data collection needs. We design and manufacture different solutions for these applications, including standard products that can be easily purchased and integrated into a device and custom solutions that meet your exact specifications. To power medical devices, we offer both primary and rechargeable implantable batteries. To help you collect critical data from your medical device, we offer standard and custom sensors to measure pressure, strain, and temperature. Our product and technology experts can work with your team to select the best product and technology for your application, including design, integration, and testing support.

Fiber Optic Sensors

We offer a range of standard fiber optic sensor products and readout units to measure pressure and temperature. We can also produce custom fiber optic sensors to meet your exact requirements. The small sensor size and flexible glass fiber allow them to integrate easily into your catheter device.

Electromechanical Sensors

Our custom electromechanical sensors have an exceptionally small footprint, low power consumption, low susceptibility to disruption and are ideal for minimally invasive surgical applications.

NFC Coils

We produce custom planar Near Field Communication (NFC) coils for medical devices, including receivers and transmitters for multi- and single-use applications.

Wearable Biosensors

We use our roll-to-roll laser processing and automated stack lamination equipment to produce wearable biosensors for different healthcare applications, including electronic skin patches, body sensors, cardiac monitors, and more.

Sensor Design & Development

We offer complete sensor design and development services to help you add advanced data collection capabilities to your device that meet your exact specifications. Our engineers will closely collaborate with your team to develop a custom sensor solution.

Integration & Testing

Our process experts can support you with a complete sensor solution, including integrating the sensor into a subassembly or device and designing and implementing final testing protocols.

Medical Batteries

Push the envelope of what’s possible with smaller, lighter, more powerful integrated energy solutions for medical devices, technologies, and therapies.

Receive Better Feedback, Improve Patient Outcomes


Medical Sensor Technology: How Electromechanical and Fiber Optic Sensors can be used to collect data in Medical Devices

Learn how The Resonetics Sensor Technology Platform enables data collection in medical devices with standard and custom sensors and support with design, development, and integration into medical devices to provide more effective feedback and improve device performance, safety, speed and patient outcomes.