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Sensor Design & Development

Medtech companies are incorporating data collection capabilities into their devices to provide clinicians with critical feedback to help improve patient outcomes. While it may be evident what data is needed during a procedure, collecting it can be highly challenging. Our experienced engineers can take the lead in designing and developing a custom sensor to meet the exact requirements of your project. Starting with your application and what you want to measure, we will select the right technology and then design a custom sensor that can collect the data you need and be integrated into your device. We will then run a development program to iterate the design as needed and refine the specifications and performance requirements, including accuracy, resolution, and response time.

Developing Your Custom Sensors

What is needed from a sensor dictates the technology that will be used. Sometimes during the early feasibility phase of a new device project, it is not known what performances are needed, including temperature and pressure ranges, accuracy levels, and accepted noise levels. We will help you develop testing and preclinical studies that will help your design team identify critical parameters.

The Resonetics engineers can support your project from beginning to end with sensor design, integration, functional testing, and calibration to solve these unknowns and ensure you get exactly what you need. Rely on us for complete sensor fabrication and assembly, including integration subassemblies and fully automated, high-volume production capabilities.

Solve the Most Complex Sensor Challenges in Medicine

Developing complex sensors and successfully integrating them into medical devices comes with many obstacles. Work with our team to help take on all types of design challenges, including:

  • Size constraints
  • Determining sensitivity and accuracy
  • Minimizing failure modes
  • Qualification requirements
  • Manufacturing volumes
  • Robustness for sterilization cycles
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