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Lightspeed Lab

Industry Leading Prototype Solutions

The Resonetics Lightspeed Lab is a group of engineers and technicians deploying dedicated, state-of-the-art equipment to provide quick-turn prototyping solutions for the medical device and advanced diagnostic markets. Each Lightspeed Lab has technology expertise and develops manufacturing processes that can easily scale to high-volume production, which enables our customers to develop and launch products in record time.

The Lightspeed Lab Difference

  • Engineers and technicians focused on prototyping and process development.
  • Advanced manufacturing equipment exclusively reserved for quick turn prototyping.
  • Internal network of experts who will collaborate to determine the best manufacturing processes for your device.
  • Direct engineer-to-engineer communication for deep collaboration and problem-solving.
  • Responsive and flexible support for evolving project needs.
  • Disciplined phase gate process for transferring projects to production.

Laser Cutting & Welding

Our laser cutting and laser welding Lightspeed Lab teams are subject matter experts in these processes. They employ their process knowledge along with state-of-the-art equipment to develop components and sub-assemblies from metals and polymers.

Laser Cut Tubing

Our proprietary PRIME Laser Cut Tubing™️ process is the fastest hypotube cutting solution in the industry. Partner with our Lightspeed Lab experts to convert your functional catheter or component requirements into an optimized, volume manufacturable part with industry-leading lead times.

Laser Ablation

Our laser ablation Lightspeed Lab teams have developed a multitude of proprietary processes that use laser ablation. Two of these processes are ASSURE Endpoint Detection for wire stripping and MICRABLATE 3D Laser Machining to produce micro-scale components.

Centerless Grinding

Our centerless grinding Lightspeed Lab experts can produce parts with nearly limitless features and profiles using our proprietary grinding equipment that is designed and built in-house.

Photochemical Machining

Our photochemical machining Lightspeed Lab team has decades of experience producing parts with complex 3D geometries and tight tolerances at high volumes.


Our sensors Lightspeed Lab teams include engineers that are experts in both electromechanical and fiber optic sensors. These teams can help deploy advanced sensor technology to collect critical force, temperature, and pressure data from your medical device or diagnostic instrument.

Nitinol Processing

Our nitinol Lightspeed Lab teams are experts in optimizing fabrication technology to maximize part performance. These teams specialize in ultrafast laser cutting, shape-setting, electropolishing, braiding, laser welding, centerless grinding, and precision machining of nitinol components and sub-assemblies for implants and catheter delivery systems.


Our microfluidics Lightspeed Lab employs a combination of advanced laser cutting, laser ablation, and die cutting equipment to fabricate active/passive device layers. These device layers are assembled using a proprietary robotic stacking system which enables the production of cost-efficient, high-volume

Medical Batteries

Our Medical Power team produces a standard line of implantable battery products and custom battery solutions for implantable medical devices and therapies. We work with a variety of electrochemical prodcuts, including lithium-ion, Li/CFx, Li/CFx-MnO2, and Li/SOCI2.

CNC Machining

The CNC machining Lightspeed Lab team offers comprehensive CNC machining solutions to produce high-precision medical products. Our team utilizes state-of-the-art multi-axis equipment, including Swiss CNC, multi-axis CNC milling/turning, EDM wire, EDM hole drilling, ECG cutting, and specialty multi-axis grinding.