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Stamping, Coiling,
& Microforming

Our capability to produce parts with complex shapes and tight tolerances using precision stamping, coiling, and microforming is supported by our deep process knowledge and in-house precision tooling center. Backed by decades of experience, our engineers are adept at manufacturing small, complex parts and tooling with precision tolerances at high volumes. Our on-site automation and tooling teams enable quick iterations during development and efficient scaling into high-volume production.

Our team thrives on creating effective solutions for challenging projects. We look forward to supporting you in making medtech devices that impact the lives of patients worldwide.

World-Class Tooling Fabrication

Resonetics’ world-class tooling fabrication includes a dedicated on-site tool room, fully equipped with precision grinders, mills, spinners, lathes, heat-treating ovens, and specialty processes, such as WEDM, CNC, jig grinders, and CNC surface grinding. Our class-A toolmakers bring more than 20 years of experience, including working with tungsten carbides and tool steels. Additionally, our capabilities include die component assembly tolerances to 5μm (0.0002 in) with moving components timed to 1.3μm (50 Âμin).

Stamping Specifications

  • Progressive stamping dies for piece, part, coil, or strip processing of various metal alloys from 0.0254 mm (0.001 in) thick
  • Finished critical feature tolerances to ±0.008 mm (±0.0003 in) at min 1.5 Cpk
  • Position to 0.006 mm (0.0002 in)
  • Shape to ±0.006 mm (±0.0002 in)
  • Flatness to 0.01 mm (0.0004 in)

Coiling Features and Capabilities

Resonetics’ coil properties are designed with functionality in mind, featuring unique winding techniques and services that deliver the conductivity, kink resistance, flexibility, torque, and radiopacity your device requires. Whether round, ribbon, or coated, we make coils for embolization, reinforcing catheters, and other devices for neurologic and endovascular applications.

Winding Services

Winding services go hand-in-hand with coiling, offering additional features and functionalities with:

  • Traditional (over-mandrel)
  • Deflection or point (no mandrel)
  • Round wire
  • Flat wire
  • Coated wire

Microforming Features & Capabilities

Innovative medical devices and tools commonly use wire straightening and controlled bending capabilities to achieve intricate shapes and geometries. Resonetics features contamination-controlled manufacturing and inspection environments, rigorously maintained industry-leading equipment, and an on-site, world-class tool room. Microforming is routinely combined with photochemical etching and additional forming processes to push the boundaries of what’s possible in medical device manufacturing.

Microforming Applications

Microforming is a highly versatile manufacturing capability used for:

  • Catheter forming tools
  • Manufacturing and assembly tools
  • Minimally invasive surgical devices

Microforming and Tip Features Include:

  • Cut to length
  • Forming & stamping
  • Single, multiple, or helical forms
  • Ground, EDM, or machined features
  • Radiused, conical, or tapered
  • Trocar, chamfer, or angle grind
  • Flattened, coined, or stamped
  • Machined or threaded
  • Ball welded

Flat Sheet Forming Specifications:

  • Finished critical feature tolerances to ¬±0.008 mm (¬±0.0003 in) at 1.5 Cpk.
  • Position to 0.025 mm (0.001 in)
  • Shape to ¬±0.006 mm (¬±0.0002 in)
  • Flatness to 0.01 mm (0.0004 in)

Medical Device & Technology Markets We Serve

Innovators developing groundbreaking medical devices rely on our stamping, coiling, and microforming capabilities to create new technologies that advance treatment options and improve patient lives. Market applications for components and implants produced with our stamping, coiling, and microforming processes include:

  • Neurovascular
  • Ophthalmic
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Neuromodulation
  • Surgical Robotics
  • Sports medicine

Prototype to Production

To support a new project, we have dedicated resources with our Lightspeed Lab to help you during the development cycle with quick prototypes and design feedback related to manufacturability. When the design is finalized, we have a standardized system to validate the manufacturing process and the production resources to help you scale quickly to high volumes.

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