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Enterprise Excellence

Enterprise Excellence is the focus of developing a culture of continuous improvement and metric-driven decision making through all aspects of the business from sales to operations to finance.

Enterprise Excellence is composed of four parts: cultural enablers, continuous improvement, enterprise alignment, and results for the customer. Resonetics is implementing Enterprise Excellence through multi-dimensional systems and tools; a structured methodology that includes the entire organization; and an inclusive people-engagement strategy. The result is a business culture that focuses on waste elimination and value creation for the customer.

Enterprise Excellence System

The Resonetics Enterprise Excellence system is based on the Shingo Model. To do this we design and implement systems and tools that standardize all the processes eliminating variation wherever we can. Everyone, from operators to the CEO, is engaged in defining the best methods to do every job across all functions. These standards are then shared across all business units, improving the efficiency and quality of the entire Enterprise.

“Without a standard – there can be no Kaizen” – Taiichi Ohno

“Resonetics Enterprise Excellence is designed to create value for the customer. Exceptional product quality, shorter lead times, parts delivered on time and lower costs. Most importantly customers get speed.”

-Don Jones, Sr. VP, Operations