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Near-Field Communication
(NFC) Coils

Resonetics is a leader in planar Near Field Communication (NFC) coils for medical devices, including receivers and transmitters for multi- and single-use applications. Low-power and wireless, NFC technology benefits a diverse range of biomedical and healthcare uses, allowing secure data transmission between two devices. NFC technology is frequently combined with both traditional and new types of sensors to transmit critical data related to temperature, pressure, and other vital signs. The technology is small and easily integrated with medical devices, allowing them to securely communicate and share information during surgical procedures. The engineers in our Lightspeed Lab can help you design and integrate custom NFC coils into your medical device. We also have a proven manufacturing process to produce the NFC coils at high volume cost-effectively.

NFC Coil Technology

Near-Field Communication (NFC) is a low-power wireless communication technology based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) standards. NFC technology only works in close proximity, usually less than 10 cm, which helps ensure data security. NFC technology can operate in an “Active” or “Passive” setting. During “Active” operation, both coils are powered, generating their own RF fields, and exchanging data. In a “Passive” operation, one of the coils is powered, which generates the RF field that the passive or unpowered device uses to power itself and communicate. We are experts in designing and manufacturing custom NFC coils, and our engineers can help you add this technology to your next-generation medical device.

Biomedical Applications for NFC Technology in Medical Devices

NFC coils enable the secure data transfer of other sensing technology, including:

  • Temperature and pressure sensors
  • Electrophysiology sensors
  • Blood flow sensors
  • Sweat sensors
  • Optical metrology
  • Epithelial electronic systems

NFC Wireless Connectors for Data Transmission

  • Inductive coupling coils for contactless secure data transmission
  • Transmit and receive coils can be designed to commercially available EEPROM chip dimensions
  • High-density inductive coils
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