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Lightspeed Lab Day

Schedule an on-site accelerated development day supported by dedicated engineers, technicians, and equipment to achieve fast turnarounds on prototyping solutions. A Lightspeed Lab Day with Resonetics lets you leave with multiple iterations of parts in hand, eliminating the weeks and months it typically takes for product design, development, and testing. Use our onsite testing equipment or bring your own.

Collaborate in person with our team of experts and leverage all the capabilities and tools you need to prepare your product in record time.

See What a Lightspeed Lab Day Looks Like

  • Experts, capabilities, and equipment all at your disposal
  • Same-day rapid prototyping for accelerated product launch
  • Project materials and testing solutions available on site

We have a network of Lightspeed Labs that each have focused technology expertise so you can partner with the lab that is the best fit for your project.

Download the brochure for more details on the value of Lightspeed Lab Day.

Download Brochure