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Photochemical Machining

Industry Leading Prototype Solutions

The Resonetics Lightspeed Lab is a group of engineers and technicians deploying dedicated, state-of-the-art equipment to provide quick turn prototyping solutions for the medical device and advanced diagnostic markets. Each Lightspeed Lab has technology expertise and develops manufacturing processes that can easily scale to high-volume production, which enables our customers to develop and launch products in record time.

Experts in Photochemical Machining

Our Photochemical Machining Lightspeed Lab team has decades of experience using this process to produce parts with complex geometries, multiple thicknesses, and tight tolerances at high volumes. Our deep understanding of the chemical etching process and custom-built equipment allow us to provide a manufacturing solution for even the most challenging parts. Widely recognized as the leaders in precision thin-metal stainless steel etching, our Lightspeed Lab experts have developed numerous patents around the photochemical machining process, including proprietary processes for producing blades and sharps.

The Photochemical Machining team has a long history of solving customer challenges, developing new processes, and implementing new technologies. We work with our customers to understand the critical needs of the product and then develop the right manufacturing process. Photochemical machining is a powerful manufacturing tool that is even more effective when used with other processing technologies. Combined with our onsite automation and precision tooling team, we can take the benefits of the chemical etching process and combine it with our other in-house capabilities of mechanical forming, CNC machining, and laser welding.

Working with the Lightspeed Lab

The primary goal of our Lightspeed Lab is to accelerate our customer’s product development cycle. This acceleration is accomplished via:

  • Direct engineer-to-engineer engagement
  • Sense of urgency
  • Commitment to quality

We can solve the most difficult problems because we are committed to innovation and invest in R&D to develop next-generation manufacturing processes and equipment

Unlocking the Potential of Photochemical Machining


Photochemical Machining:
How It Works & Key Advantages in Medical Device Manufacturing

Discover the power of photochemical machining (PCM) and its revolutionary impact on the medical device industry. This whitepaper provides a comprehensive overview of PCM, including its intricate processes, remarkable benefits, and vital considerations for engineers.

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