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Advanced Surgery

Advanced surgery encompasses devices used to perform minimally invasive surgery and surgical robotics. Resonetics supplies components, complex subassemblies, and sensors that help customers develop the next generation of advanced surgical devices.

Clinicians highly favor these procedures because the smaller incision size relates to fewer complications, less pain, and faster recovery. To improve patient outcomes, doctors are increasingly looking for more feedback and data available during the procedure to make the best decisions. Medical devices and technologies in the advanced surgery market are increasingly moving towards miniaturized devices that require advanced micromanufacturing capabilities and the complex integration of different technologies, including sensors.

Resonetics is a leader in advanced engineering, prototyping, product development, and micromanufacturing that supports customers in the advanced surgery market. From components and complex subassemblies, we support customers in developing the next generation of devices with our Lightspeed Lab prototyping and process development, state-of-the-art equipment, sensor technology, and manufacturing solutions. Our engineers excel in solving complex manufacturing problems, including the development and integration of sensors and other advanced technologies.

Open the Door to Complex Robotic Surgeries

Robotic surgery is a modern technique that assists doctors in performing minimally invasive surgical procedures. The high precision of robot-assisted surgery helps in accurate implant positioning, reduces the risk to adjacent tissues, reduces patient bleeding and post-operative pain, and requires fewer visits than traditional methods. Our micromanufacturing capabilities allow us to develop and manufacture components and devices that help customers advance the capabilities of surgical robotics and improve patient outcomes.

Types of Products and Components We Manufacture for Advanced Surgery Applications

Resonetics produces a wide variety of components and devices used in advanced surgery applications, including:

  • Components and subassemblies for minimally invasive surgical devices
  • Sensors
  • Blades and sharps
  • End effectors
  • Components for powered surgical devices
  • Electrodes
  • Catheter components

Solutions for Advanced Surgery Applications

Resonetics offers a range of development, prototyping, and manufacturing solutions for interventional cardiology applications, including:

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