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At the forefront of medical manufacturing technology since 1987, the Resonetics team excels in advanced engineering, product development, and micro manufacturing for a wide range of medtech and life sciences markets. Leading medical innovators rely on us for seamless collaboration and rapid execution that helps you save time and money while delivering the best parts and products. The four broad medical market categories we serve are Interventional, Diagnostics, Bioelectronics, and Advanced Surgery.


The interventional market includes the catheter-based treatment of disorders related to the heart and cardiovascular system. This encompasses both the diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery disease, structural heart defects, neurovascular conditions, heart failure, and electrophysiology. Resonetics helps design, develop, and manufacture components, subassemblies, and finished devices for customers developing interventional devices.


The Diagnostics market includes a range of diagnostics tests and devices that can detect diseases or measure different vital signs. These include in vitro diagnostics tests that can detect diseases and biosensors that can measure vital signs and other conditions, like glucose levels. Resonetics is a market leader in manufacturing components for biosensors and microfluidic laminates for point-of-care diagnostic tests.


Bioelectronics is a category of powered medical devices used to monitor or treat medical conditions. Examples include pacemakers to treat abnormal heart rhythms, cardiac monitors, and electrical stimulators for pain management. Resonetics designs and manufactures implantable batteries to power bioelectronic devices, including standard batteries that can quickly be incorporated into a device and custom batteries designed for a specific application.

Advanced Surgery

Advanced surgery encompasses devices used to perform minimally invasive surgery and surgical robotics. Medical devices and technologies in the advanced surgery market are increasingly moving towards miniaturized devices that require advanced micromanufacturing capabilities and the complex integration of different technologies, including sensors. Resonetics supplies components, complex subassemblies, and sensors that help customers develop the next generation of advanced surgical devices.