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Nitinol Processing

We are experts in nitinol processing technology and understand how it affects the material properties that are critical to the performance of the finished device or implant. Nitinol, a nickel-titanium (NiTi) alloy, has unique superelastic and shape-memory capabilities essential to medical devices and technologies. Our expertise in highspeed femtosecond laser cutting, shape setting, electropolishing, and braiding enables medtech innovators to leverage this revolutionary material with comprehensive processing and manufacturing solutions. Our nitinol processing capabilities, dedicated resources, and unmatched expertise help accelerate time-to-market for groundbreaking devices that change and improve lives.

Nitinol Laser Cutting

We are experts in using ultrafast femtosecond laser systems to cut nitinol with less downstream processing and a more accurate net shape right off the laser.

Nitinol Shape Setting

We offer multiple nitinol shape-setting processes using advanced equipment and extensive tooling expertise for your most challenging medical device designs.

Nitinol Electropolishing

We take a scientific approach to electropolishing and have built our own automated electropolishing equipment to improve quality and repeatability.

Nitinol Braiding

Our expertise in nitinol braiding and post-processing of braided constructs delivers exceptional quality and endless innovation for lifesaving biomedical structures, fabrics, and custom components.

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