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Wearable Biosensors

Wearable biosensors are devices that monitor different vital signs and conditions related to a patient’s wellbeing, including heartbeat, blood pressure, motion, and body temperature. Wearable biosensors and electronic skin patches collect critical patient data that can be analyzed and used to offer a more proactive approach to healthcare. With wearable biosensors manufactured by Resonetics, medtech innovators can offer a more proactive approach to healthcare and leverage the potential for this technology in skin patches, body sensors, cardiac monitors, CGM, and more.

Resonetics is an ISO 13485:2016-certified contract manufacturer of medical devices and all “stick to skin” disposable products. Our engineers can help you refine the manufacturability of your device while our fully integrated production solutions will support you throughout the entire development and production process.

Electronic Skin Patches

Electronic skin patches are thin and flexible products that attach to the user’s skin with biocompatible adhesives and have integrated sensors, processors, and communication elements. We specialize in manufacturing these products with our automated capabilities in roll-to-roll laser processing, die cutting, and stack lamination. Electronic skin patches can be used for many different inpatient and at-home applications, including:

  • Motion and position sensing
  • Vital signs
  • Temperature
  • Drug and cosmetic delivery
  • Newborn monitoring
  • Smart wound care
  • General sensing
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