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Laser Cutting

We have deep process knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment to laser cut complex medtech devices and components from metals and polymers with industry-leading speed and precision. Combining advancements in laser cutting and motion control, we help enable new medtech innovations with high-volume metal and polymer-metal components that solve some of the most significant challenges in medical device manufacturing. Laser cutting allows custom flexibility with precise microscopic incisions and gas-assisted material removal to achieve demanding geometrical features and tolerances that can’t be achieved with other processing methods. The process experts in our Lightspeed Lab can help you take advantage of our advanced laser cutting technology with industry-leading prototype solutions, design feedback, and manufacturing process development. When your design is ready for production, we have a standardized system to validate the process, experience, and resources to scale as needed.

Laser Cutting Process

Laser cutting uses a focused laser beam to melt or ablate material which is removed via a coaxial gas nozzle. Depending on the application, different types of lasers can be used to perform the cutting process, including Nd:YAG or fiber, picosecond, and femtosecond. We custom-build our laser processing equipment, motion control, and fixturing to produce the best manufacturing solution for each application. For the most challenging and micro-scale products, we use our femtosecond laser cutting systems that eliminate heat input and minimize post-processing. Ultrafast laser cutting can be used for various types of metals and polymers.

PRIME Laser Cut Tubing

Our proprietary PRIME Laser Cut Tubing™️ is the fastest hypotube-cutting solution in the industry. We have designed and built custom laser processing systems that are optimized for laser cutting metal hypotubes with high speed and precision. Partner with our Lightspeed Lab experts to convert your functional catheter or component requirements into a laser cut pattern that will optimize your device performance and be cost-effective in volume manufacturing.

Laser Cutting Applications

Laser cutting enables engineers to achieve extremely small and precise cuts, making it the preferred manufacturing process for many different applications, including:

  • Flexible catheter shafts
  • Delivery system components
  • Pull rings
  • Thin wall custom stents
  • Needle fabrication
  • Nitinol stents and valve frames
  • Components or implants requiring complex geometry across the overall length

Laser Cutting Specifications

min | max

  • Feature Sizes 0.012 mm | 10 mm
  • Material Thickness 0.012 mm | 0.5 mm
  • Material Diameter 0.125 mm | 10 mm
  • Material Length 0.5 mm | 3 m

Medical Device & Technology Markets We Serve

Innovators developing groundbreaking medical devices rely on our laser cutting capabilities to create new technologies that advance treatment options and improve patient lives. Market applications for components and devices produced with our laser cutting processes include:

  • Neurovascular
  • Ophthalmic
  • Structural heart
  • Diabetes
  • Electrophysiology
  • Peripheral vascular
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Neuromodulation
  • Sports medicine
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