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LASER Cutting

Laser cutting is a process where material is irradiated and removed via an assist gas. At Resonetics, we use many different laser tools including gas (CO2 and Excimer) and solid state (microsecond and femtosecond) cut metal, and polymer materials.


For the life science industry, laser cutting can be applied in different ways.

Cutting is best applied to the following applications:

  • Geometrical features required are smaller than other technologies (like mechanical machining or molding) can produce
  • Catheter components that require custom characteristics based on its vascular path including:
    • Radius of curvature
    • Torque transference – from proximal to distal
    • Tensile strength – push/pull force
    • Varying stiffness
  • Complex geometry requirements that need to be achieved over the length of component or implant
  • Features that need to be as small as 25 microns
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Some cutting examples include:

  • Flat sheet for singulation of sensors
  • Metal and polymer hypotubes for catheter based products or implants
  • 3-D device fabrication for filters and embolic protection devices

Cutting can meet the following specifications:

  • Features as small as 25 microns with +/-5 micron tolerances
  • Materials – polymers and metals
  • Material types include flat sheet, tubes, and catheters:
    Flat sheet size can be up to 12”x12” with a thickness of 0.004” – 0.040”
  • Wires, tubes, and catheters can be as small as 0.002” diameter with 0.040” – 80” length, and multi-lumen
    For metal catheter hypotube applications, outside diameter can range from 0.010” to 0.375”
    Variable OD and ID as long as the wall thickness is ~0.010” or less 2.50”- 4.00” longer than the part in order to cut an entire part


Bioresorbable Stent Cutting & Custom Hypotube Design

Bioresorbable Stent Cutting

Resonetics has been at the forefront of providing the laser cutting of bioresorbable stents for over a decade. Our team has partnered with several medical device companies to help them pioneer this market. Through this process we have developed a competency in the handling, storage, and processing for this special material. With this experience we can collaborate with you to design your stent for manufacturability.

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Custom Flexible Catheter Hypotube Design

Interventional devices require flexibility to be able to navigate through the vascular system. Laser cutting enables catheter hypotubes to be engineered to match a device’s specific path through the body.

The Resonetics technical team works with development engineers to define the needs of your catheter product. Our team then provides custom cut pattern designs to meet these flexibility requirements. In addition to flexibility, devices often have critical functions. Typical critical functions of cut hypotubes are torque transference, tensile strength, and radius of curvature. Our team will partner with you to optimize your application for all of its critical functions.

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Life Science Applications

Other Information

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Prototype/Pilot Runs

The Lightspeed ADL is a dedicated space and set of resources at Resonetics that is focused exclusively on accelerating the launch of your newest life science technology.

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Resonetics has a long history of producing tight tolerance, laser micro manufactured components in high volumes. We have a robust quality system and production readiness program to support high volume production.

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We build systems for our own use. There are times you need your own, in-house laser processing capability. Resonetics is well-equipped to meet this need through custom system design/fabrication.

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