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Where Innovation Meets Acceleration

Resonetics designs and manufactures the broadest range of electro-chemistries for implantable applications, including medical lithium ion batteries. In 2022, we acquired EaglePicher Medical Power’s medical device batteries to expand our product portfolio with technology uniquely designed for miniaturized implantable and wearable devices.

Resonetics excels in medical battery performance, where quality and reliability are non-negotiable. Talk with a technical expert today to learn more about implantable batteries for your next clinical application.

Medical Batteries for Every Need

Li-Ion Chemistry

Offering the highest energy density and discharge rate among rechargeable implantable batteries. Available in multiple configurations from under three mAh to 440 mAh for neuromodulation batteries, cochlear implants, drug delivery, and ventricular assist devices.

Li/CFs-MnO2 Chemistry

Medium energy density and high-rate discharge with excellent shelf life. Various configurations are currently in development. Used for pacemakers, implantable cardioverter-defibrillators, and monitoring devices.

Li/CFx Chemistry

Highest energy density and medium to high-rate discharge with excellent shelf life. Available in multiple configurations ranging from under 200 mAh to over 9.5 Ah. Used for pacemakers, neuromodulation batteries, drug delivery, and monitoring devices.

Custom Battery Packs

Whether you seek a new design or a manufacturing partner for your Class II or Class III medical device, Resonetics’ experienced team assembles, tests, and certifies all battery pack designs in North American facilities per your most pointed needs and requests.

Why Resonetics?

Leading Industry Experts

At the forefront of medical manufacturing technology since 1987, our team comprises industry experts who excel in advanced engineering, automation, and micro manufacturing processes and capabilities.

Lightspeed Lab Process

Our proprietary Lightspeed Application Development Lab™ provides flexible end-to-end production services. Moving with urgency through each development stage, we help you quickly finalize solutions that save time and money.

Continuous Innovation

If you can imagine a new device, we can design it, develop the necessary tools and processes, and manufacture it. Our willingness to stretch the boundaries of advanced engineering, automation, and manufacturing drives next-gen medical devices and diagnostics.

A Word Regarding EaglePicher Batteries

EaglePicher Medical Power brings another innovative manufacturing capability to Resonetics that’ll enable our customers to advance state-of-the-art clinical applications requiring miniaturized bioelectronic devices.”

–Tom Burns, President & CEO, Resonetics

We believe integrating EaglePicher batteries into our core micro manufacturing and sensor capabilities uniquely positions Resonetics as a leading supplier to companies pursuing miniaturized implantable and wearable devices to address unmet clinical needs.”

–Kevin Hartke, Chief Technical Officer, Resonetics

About Resonetics

Resonetics is a global leader in advanced engineering, prototyping, automation, and micro manufacturing that enables the life sciences industry to quickly develop breakthrough medical devices and diagnostics. By leveraging a unique combination of our Lightspeed Application Development Lab™, automated solutions, and enterprise excellence with a collaborative, engaging culture, Resonetics expands the possibilities of medical technology and improves patient care worldwide.

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