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Resonetics Introduces New Contego 200 mAh Primary Battery

Adds new single-use cell to Contego product line of implantable batteries for medical devices.

Nashua, NH – September 14, 2023 – Resonetics announced today the launch of the new Contego 200 mAh lithium / carbon monofluoride (Li-CFx) battery, an implantable, lightweight, miniature D-shaped cell. The Contego P200 is a primary, off-the-shelf cell with a high energy density and low self-discharge rate. It has excellent performance for implantable devices with low to medium pulse power demand and is manufactured in an ISO 13485 certified facility located near Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Contego P200 battery comes in a fully welded, hermetically sealed titanium case and includes a thermal shutdown separator. The individual battery weighs 1.75g and has a nominal voltage of 2.8V. The compact cell measures 21.3mm x 9.5mm x 4.4mm. The battery is available for purchase in a standard, off-the-shelf design, or can feature a custom pin configuration. Testing can also be customized for the specific application.

“Our medical power division has produced millions of custom primary cells for implantable medical devices,” said Frédéric Borne, General Manager of Embedded Technologies, the operating group at Resonetics that includes medical power. “The launch of this new primary cell is part of an ongoing effort to expand our Contego product line of implantable batteries with additional primary cells to complement our extensive line of rechargeable medical batteries.”

Resonetics medical power, formerly the medical power division of EaglePicher, has been at the forefront of implantable medical-grade power solutions for over 25 years. In addition to off-the-shelf batteries, Resonetics also designs and manufactures custom implantable batteries.

For more information about the Contego P200 primary, implantable, lithium / carbon monofluoride medical battery, please visit

About Resonetics

Founded in 1987, Resonetics is a pioneer in advanced engineering, product development, prototyping, and manufacturing solutions for the MedTech and life sciences industry. Resonetics is a leader in laser processing, centerless grinding, nitinol processing, thin-wall stainless steel & precious metal tubing, photochemical machining, microfluidics, sensor solutions, and medical power. With strategically located AGILE Product Development centers and Lightspeed Labs, Resonetics is committed to quality, speed, innovation, and a great customer experience. The company is ISO 13485:2016 certified with 14 facilities and more than 2,000 associates in the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Israel, and Switzerland. Resonetics is backed by leading private equity firms Carlyle and GTCR. Learn more at


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