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Nitinol Technology Designed to Enhance MedTech Solutions

Nitinol alloys, made of nickel and titanium, are essential in MedTech applications, and their performance hinges on strict production control. With Resonetics’ expertise in nitinol manufacturing, nitinol’s material properties—including corrosion resistance, fatigue performance, and elasticity—promise to push the boundaries of design and deliver innovative solutions that enhance performance and precision.

Resonetics is your source for technology and expertise on nitinol for medical applications. Our nitinol processing capabilities span EDM processing, laser processing and cutting, shape setting, electropolishing, and CNC machining, allowing us to customize nitinol alloys to your precise application.

Broadening Our Raw Material Portfolio with Medical Nitinol

Mill Products

Commercial volume production of nitinol mill products, including billet, slab, bar, and plate.

Nitinol Wire

Precisely drawn into desired lengths and diameters from nitinol ingot.

Nitinol Strips

Flat, elongated pieces or strips of nitinol formed from nitinol ingot.

Nitinol Tubing

Ranging from hypotubes as small as a human hair to precision tubes as large as 12mm in diameter.

Nitinol Sheets

A flat substrate that facilitates the volume production of intricate 2D design components.

Experience the Resonetics Difference

Leading Industry Experts

Resonetics is a global leader in advanced engineering, prototyping, automation, and micro manufacturing, and we’re expanding our expertise in nitinol medical manufacturing, from melting the raw material to producing implants and complex subassemblies.

Lightspeed Lab Process

Our Lightspeed Application Development Lab™ enables the life sciences industry to quickly develop breakthrough medical devices and diagnostics through technical expertise, end-to-end support, and rapid prototyping.

Continuous Innovation

We’re manufacturers of nitinol wire, stripes, tubes, and sheets that’ll drive the next generation of medical devices and diagnostics with the highest level of precision, ultimately improving treatment options worldwide.

About Resonetics

Working at the forefront of medical technology since 1987, Resonetics comprises industry experts who excel in advanced engineering, nitinol manufacturing, and assembly processes and capabilities. We thrive on complex challenges and supporting projects at every stage with advanced technologies, purpose-built equipment, and vertically integrated capabilities. Known for rethinking what’s possible, Resonetics empowers you to expand the possibilities of nitinol medical technology.

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