Driven by Great People

Excellent partner for innovations and complex components.”
Senior Buyer, Electrophysiology OEM

“We understand your need for speed. We know that you are burning dollars as you develop new devices and won’t realize the benefit of your device until it is sold. Our goal is to compress that timeline with our piece of the development cycle by quickly developing your products, allowing you to quickly iterate, prototype and ultimately release your product to market.”

-Kevin Hartke, CTO


There’s no better partner to help you develop and manufacture your medical device than the one leading the way in micro manufacturing – for over 30 years. Resonetics’ leadership position is a result of our scientists, engineers and technicians constantly challenging the status quo. It is their ingenuity and drive combined with state-of-the-art dedicated equipment that enables the constant development of new micro manufacturing applications for the life sciences market. Our technical team takes great pride in not only solving difficult problems, but in finding a way to make your device a reality – faster.

Lightspeed Development

Bringing a new product to market can be challenging, but that’s where we excel. We’ve spent over 30 years streamlining processes to reduce lead time, so you can save lives sooner, all while realizing a profit. It’s critical in the MedTech industry to find a solution that has it all in one place. Less time between vendor and engineer can save critical time in your project’s process.

Launching a product starts with developing and prototyping and Resonetics excels as your partner every step of the way. We are dedicated to accelerating the launch of your next product, and with Lightspeed Application Development Labs in eight locations, our dedicated engineers and technicians become your team, focused and driven in prototyping, process development and pilot production.

Resonetics provides complete medical device design and development services from initial concept through product validation and commercial scale-up. Our diverse technical experience in catheter-based delivery systems and implants will provide a creative force to drive the development of your next therapy. We will seamlessly collaborate with your team while addressing engineering and manufacturing challenges at all phases of the development lifecycle.

Our 8 Lightspeed Labs all feature dedicated personnel and equipment; we don’t need to tap production resources to fabricate prototypes. With more than 75 engineers and technicians and 80 pieces of equipment, our Lightspeed ADL business unit alone is larger than many of our competitors. This results in a wide array of technology and vast experience with the medical device industry’s most difficult micro manufacturing challenges.

The least invasive medical procedure is one that best mimics a natural path. That’s why Resonetics’ PRIME Laser Cut™ Tubing is the only choice when it comes to custom cut pattern designs that also consider critical functions such as torque transfer, radius of curvature, variable pitch and tensile strength. Resonetics has developed proprietary equipment and algorithms to enable cost-effective use of spiral and interrupted spiral cut tubing in advanced catheter delivery systems for neurovascular, peripheral vascular, structural heart and other challenging applications. Simplify your next delivery system with this game-changing option.

MicrAblate™ 3D Laser Machining picks up where traditional machining and injection molding leave off to create miniaturized three-dimensional medical components. Using advanced laser processing techniques, we remove material on a micro scale to create complex geometries in a single machine setup, achieving tolerance down to ± 0.00025” (± 0.00635mm).

Resonetics’ patented ASSURE Endpoint™ Detection system allows a laser to adjust in real-time to ensure consistent ablation of coatings with variable concentricity. With reel-to-reel capability and built in vision systems, Resonetics can accommodate the highest production volumes while providing unrivaled reliability and cost.

Many advanced medical devices require a polymeric covering for sealing, redirecting blood flow, enabling tissue regrowth, preventing migration and minimizing trauma to tissue. Resonetics has developed an array of MEDIBRANE lamination technologies for various biomaterials to address this manufacturing challenge. When combined with Resonetics nitinol capabilities, a holistic approach and simplified supply chain suddenly emerge for your covered devices.

By combining technical expertise in sputtering, plating, and photochemical machining, we can deliver leading edge sensors to the medical device industry. We collaborate with you to design and develop innovative sensors for your application. With advanced sensor assemblies, we’re helping you take your solutions one step further.