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LASER Welding

Laser welding in a non-contact manufacturing process that joins two materials together using low heat input and great precision. With the acquisition of Mound Laser in 2015, Resonetics gained 20+ years of experience in laser welding for some of the industry’s most demanding applications. Now, as a part of Resonetics, this technical capability continues to advance, incorporating state-of-the-art equipment, vision systems and process controls.


For the life science industry, laser welding can be applied in different ways.

Welding can be applied to the following specifications:

  • Materials that need to be welded with low heat input
  • Components that are small in size, down to 0.003” diameter
  • Components that require a hermetic seal
  • Fast prototyping and low-cost production

Welding is best applied to the following applications:

  • To create welds in parts down to 0.003” diameter
  • To process many materials – stainless steel, nitinol, platinum, titanium, and cobalt chrome
    Material types include flat sheet, wires, tubes, and catheters

Laser welding is a process that can be difficult if not properly understood. The Resonetics technical team consults with our customers to understand the critical features needed for the weld – torque and tensile strength, joint configuration, penetration depth, and material type. We consider all of these factors to develop optimal welding parameters and fixturing for life science applications. Once parameters and fixturing are understood, Resonetics focuses on process repeatability to validate the development for production.

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Life Science Applications

Other Information

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Prototype/Pilot Runs

The Lightspeed ADL is a dedicated space and set of resources at Resonetics that is focused exclusively on accelerating the launch of your newest life science technology.

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Resonetics has a long history of producing tight tolerance, laser micro manufactured components in high volumes. We have a robust quality system and production readiness program to support high volume production.

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We build systems for our own use. There are times you need your own, in-house laser processing capability. Resonetics is well-equipped to meet this need through custom system design/fabrication.

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