Manufacturing Capabilities

Laser Processing

Whether it’s a Neurovascular, Ophthalmic or Diabetic treatment, the precise specifications of your medical solutions are met here.

Resonetics is one of the best companies I work with. They are the standard to which I hold other companies."
Lead Engineer, Electrophysiology Medical Device OEM

Resonetics turns challenges into products, turning your concepts into viable solutions for real patients.

Resonetics is an industry pioneer that continuously provides innovative solutions for the most challenging micro manufacturing applications.

No matter the laser capability being applied, Resonetics has a process to get it done to the most critically defined specifications.

Resonetics’ specialized process selectively removes material from a solid substrate using a laser, giving critical flexibility to accurately deliver this unique micro scale fabrication technique for breakthrough applications.

In order to achieve custom flexibility, material is struck with a laser then removed with an assistive gas to ensure the most precise cut meets the most demanding geometrical features other processes fail to attain.

Resonetics' precise processes can laser drill micro scale holes for medical needs such as catheter and drug delivery systems that require even the most minuscule flow rates.

Resonetics’ method of joining two metals using low heat input and high precision enables the assembly of the most complex micro delivery system components on the market.