Manufacturing Capabilities

Nitinol Processing

Resonetics is revolutionizing nitinol processing and manufacturing by adding a modern perspective to traditional processes with innovative manufacturing methods.

Excellent customer service and high-quality solutions for customer issues/requests. Experts at laser micro machining providing innovative solutions.”
Engineering Manager, Structural Heart OEM

Nickel Titanium (NiTi), referred to as nitinol, has opened a world of possibilities, but design engineers have been challenged to get quick turnaround in the development process.

We share your urgency and Resonetics is ready to help. With mirrored capabilities in San Diego and Israel, our nitinol processing can accelerate your project with our dedicated resources and advanced perspectives on manufacturing.

Resonetics has been a leader in deploying ultrafast femtosecond laser systems in the medical device field. It’s a new way of nitinol cutting that requires less downstream processing and gets parts closer to near net shape right off the laser.

We offer multiple nitinol shape setting processes to meet your challenging designs with advanced equipment and extensive tooling expertise.

We replace experiential processing with a scientific approach to electropolishing, answering to the industry’s heightened need for quality and repeatability.

Resonetics can deliver micro device materials intended for a diverse range of minimally invasive surgeries, including sutureless lamination technology for micro scale postsurgical closures and stents.