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Resonetics Introduces Contego 1.5 mAh, Smallest Rechargeable Standard Battery in the Medical Industry for Implantable Devices

Adds miniature lithium ion battery to Contego product line of implantable batteries for medical devices.

Nashua, NH January 11, 2022 – Resonetics announced today the launch of the Contego 1.5 mAh lithium ion battery, the smallest standard rechargeable cell in the medical industry for implantable devices. The sub-miniature cylindrical cell has excellent cell life, along with a superior rate capability and cycle life. It is manufactured in an ISO 13485 certified facility located near Vancouver, British Columbia that was acquired by Resonetics from EaglePicher Technologies in April 2022.

At just 0.299 inches long and 0.114 inches in diameter, the Contego 1.5 battery is the dimensionally smallest rechargeable lithium ion battery that is available off-the-shelf. The battery can be used to power medical devices in applications including neuromodulators and monitors. It comes in a fully welded, hermetically sealed titanium case and includes a thermal shutdown separator. The individual battery weighs just 1.47g and operates over a voltage range of 3.0V to 4.1V. Additional options are available with the battery, such as application specific documentation for FDA submission, application specific testing, custom markings, and custom packaging.

“The Contego 1.5 is a groundbreaking rechargeable battery that will help our customers develop the next generation of implantable medical devices,” commented Tom Burns, President, and CEO of Resonetics. “We’ve seen the market need for further development of miniature batteries and we will continue to invest to advance implantable battery technology and drive innovation in bioelectronic devices.”

“Adding this miniature battery size to our Contego product line will make it easier for companies to develop micro bioelectronic devices that can be delivered through minimally invasive produces,” said Kevin Hartke, Chief Technology Officer at Resonetics. “Our team is continually working to push the limits of battery technology by combining our battery expertise and our advanced micro manufacturing capabilities. We are already working on smaller custom batteries and will continue to add miniature batteries to our Contego product line.”

The medical power team at Resonetics, formerly known as EaglePicher Medical Power, has been at the forefront of implantable medical-grade power solutions for over 25 years. The electrochemistry used in the Contego lithium ion batteries was first launched in 2004 and is proven in multiple cell sizes. In addition to off-the-shelf batteries, Resonetics also designs and manufactures custom implantable batteries.

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